KFG is considered as the premium solution to Fulfill the fuel, transport, logistics and storage requirements of your business in the country.

We are the major importer of high quality fuel and lubricants in Afghanistan, we deal with the distinguished fuel industries accross the globe.

We are committed to meet the energy requirements of our clients by providing outstanding services and solutions through commitment, diligence and excellence.


Khairkhwa Fuel Group

We provide high quality fuel, affordable transport, reliable storage and prompt logistic services with in the country.

Fuel Services

KFG is one of the major importer of high quality fuel in Afghanistan. We provide fuel of premium quality like Diesel having grade DF1 & DF2, Petrol, Propane (LPG) and aviation fuel including JET A-1, JP-8 and JET A-8. We are connected with the distinguished fuel companies accross the globe and provide our services according to international standards.

Transport Services

At KFG we provide secure and affordable transportation services to fulfill your fuel needs in all over Afghanistan including all provinces, districts and villages. We are equipped with the all necessary delivery facilities such as tankers capable of carrying between 2000 to 60000 liters of fuel along with filters, pumps and calibrated meters.

Logistic Services

KFG Logistics offers competitive domestic and international logistics Services to meet all your logistic requirements under one roof. KFG undertakes all kind of jobs related to procurement, maintenance and distribution. Our well established global networking and service support provide us a strong and secure base for meeting all of your logistics needs.

Storage Services

If you are a fuel importer and looking for the affordable and reliable storage services then KFG can be a premium choise, as we have the capability of receiving and loading up to 20 million liters of fuel in Kabul and up to 15 million liters of fuel in Hairataan. Additionally our storage services are also availabel in Herat, Kandahar, Khost and Jilalabad.

Our Clients

Our clients are the major national and international organizations and reputed companies.